I wrote this book for four people:

For Jim, a print designer who’s tired of sending his clients to someone else when they need a website.

For Sandi, a gifted art director, who’s hit a wall in her advertising career, and is eager to move into full-time interactive design.

For Billy, whose spare-time personal site has gotten so good, he’d like to become a professional web designer—but is unsure about what is expected or how to proceed.

And for Caroline, a professional web designer who wants to better understand how the medium works and where it is going.

I did not make up these names or descriptions: These are real people. I knew the book was finished when it had covered everything they needed to know.

An entire curriculum, a year of work and thought, and 100 years of professional experience (mine, my editors’, and my collaborators’) have gone into this book.


Jeffrey Zeldman
1 April 2001
New York City