A clean wardrobe is what everyone desire so much and aspire to maintain it. A lot of people prefer to do their laundries at home while a lot of us prefer to do it outside in the outlets which is mainly near their houses. One such outlet is the “Connect Cleaners”. Connect cleaners are the dry cleaning company near the rose garden area. The laundry services there is remarkable and well known. The reviews are known to be high and much loved. It is situated in San Jose.

Dry cleaning is actually a kind of cleaning where it involves cleaning the clothes without the use of water. It includes a chemical solvent which does not dissolve water. And connect cleaners excels in this job.


  • Picking up clothing shoppers from the door and delivering it back to your house safely.
  • Payment is done on a secure way. Credit card information is kept confidential.
  • No record or complains of stealing the clothes from the door.
  • Highly trained staff and a complete professional service.
  • A larger area for dry cleaning for a less congested space for the people to do their laundry.


  • Most of the times, the regular laundry which is being done in a washing machine is done along with harsh chemicals and often ruins the material of the cloth. On the other hand, dry cleaning uses a solvent which goes mildly on the cloth. It not just does its job but also ensures the softness and texture of the material.
  • Eradication of water from the dry cleaning avoids the risk of the shrinking of clothes. While the presence of water stains the clothes, shrinks it and alters its appearance.
  • Dry cleaners holds the maintenance of creases and shrivels. While wet cleaning makes a cloth creased and wrinkly.
  • Not just clothing, dry cleaning maintains the job of much more than cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning does our job of handling the cloth according to its material.
  • Dry cleaners play an active part in removing the false odor from the cloths.
  • Removal of stains can also be done by the dry cleaning while wet laundry can not do its job effectively.
  • Dry cleaners removes grease better than normal laundry, as normal laundry fails to remove stubborn grease from the clothes which is very hard to remove. Not just that, stains of red wine, chocolates and oils are the ones it cant remove, except for dry cleaning. And when its done by connect cleaners, the stain is sure to never be found again.
  • The repairing and sewing back of buttons which are already loose is done by them.
  • It gives a wrinkle free finishing touch to the cloth, means ironing and smoothness is also professionally done to them.
  • It provides the storing of the clothes safely in some kind of a store room. The clothes are being stored in that room where protection from all kinds of damages are being offered there. Dry cleaners store do the job of keeping all kinds of clothing.
  • Not just that, when your clothes are returned back to you, they take an inspection from you to make sure you are truly satisfied from your order and have no complaints to make what-so-ever.
  • Preservation of clothes, which they believe is not just a preservation of clothes, but it is also a preservation of memories which the cloth holds.
  • Dry cleaners are on top of the latest cleaning and cloth material methods in the world.
  • Home service is also available in our company when the customers wish to have their cushions and sofas dry cleaned at their homes, so we provide this service too.


Every single item is tagged with a tag or an identification number. They are either glued or stapled on the shopper so it can be delivered to their desired person. Before they begin to start washing or cleaning the clothes, they do a very careful inspection whether they have any wear or tear or any lost or missing item. If found, they are responsibly returned to the desired customer. Later, they search for any stain or a mark on the cloth, so that they might use the chemical with respect to it. During this, extra precautionary measures are taken to avoid any damage to delicate parts. Clothes which contains soil are being put into a large machine and are cleaned with water-free agents. The clothes are then stirred in a slow manner which loosens the grip of soil from the clothes. The solution is then discarded and the clothes are washed once again for the last, final time.

Removing oils are one of the very important task which is done by dry cleaning, but still it does not give any guarantee for anything else. Because of that, all the clothes are kept under observation for any of the marks or stains. The marks or stains which are found due to observation are then treated respectively. The last step is that, when the clothes are all done, they are then properly folded and packaged and are fully ready to get delivered to their respective customers.

A very common mistake is that, when the clothes are delivered, they delay to take the clothes out of the shopper. It is VERY important to remove the clothes from its plastic shopper immediately or else the moist droplets gets trapped inside for too long and will cause fungus or moles on the surface of the cloth.


Connect cleaners work wonders when it comes to their services. It works in the best way possible when it comes to dry cleaning. They make sure their customer returns home with complete satisfaction and keeps on coming back with more clothes to clean and recommend their outlet to everyone around them. The quality is surely not compromised and moreover, their service never disappoints. The people living in rose garden area have this small piece of heaven near them to do wonders for them.

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