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Having financing to be able to take a business initiative forward is one of the main headaches of every entrepreneur. It is not always easy to obtain resources and it is often complex to have all the information about grants, subsidies and public resources available. For this reason, we have the support service in the search for funding, which consists of an expert team that works together with the company in the diagnosis and definition of the best route to follow to get the financing your company needs. Working together we understand better the needs of the company and can offer you the most appropriate solution. You can also Visit Our Website.

Our team of professionals provides advice based on the specific needs of each company and supports the process of processing and obtaining resources. The service allows access to existing financial products, public and private, banking and alternative, all depending on the specific needs of your company with the guarantee seal of us.

Financing companies and individuals:

  • We offer services to raise financial resources for self-employed workers, companies, and individuals.
  • We help our clients to realize their projects: a personal loan, the mortgage, a new investment in the company, an entrepreneurial project
  • We look for help, we identify new financing channels and we improve your negotiating position with financial entities. If you do not get the financing, we do not charge for our services.
  • we are in charge of the entire process of searching and capturing financial resources, identifying 4 phases until the funds are obtained:


Phase 1: Analysis

We review the feasibility of the project, be it a start-up company, an investment or a personal mortgage, and provide recommendations and suggestions.

Phase 2: Search

We look for and locate the financing formula that best suits the needs of your project, either by financial institutions, mutual guarantee companies, private equity companies, private funds or investment funds.

Phase 3: Processing

We carry out in your name all the necessary procedures and procedures: presentation of the application, delivery of documentation, modifications, clarifications with the bank, etc.

Phase 4: Obtaining

Your project gets financial resources. You would remunerate our services only if you get financing. We develop phases 1 to 3 at no cost to you.

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Also, we want to accompany you and advise you in all strategic areas for the management and growth of your company.

Personalized counseling services

Because we know that each project is different, request an appointment with our technical team to receive personalized advice on company formation, business financing, search for workers, internationalization, business transmission, business growth, business location and landing, and information on municipal procedures.

Management of procedures

We offer information, support and management of business procedures, municipal (licenses and fees) or linked to other services (constitution of companies, community certificates and legalization of commercial documents or digital certificates).

Business programs

We organize initiatives and actions aimed at companies and professionals in Barcelona to improve aspects related to growth, business sizing and sales.


We put at your disposal a wide catalog of training activities that will help you improve the chances of success of your company in different business areas.


Investment forums, networking days, marketplaces, and meetings organized by us or in collaboration with other entities, where you can promote your company and make strategic contacts. The events are organized in which you can also use to attend visits and make meetings or corporate presentations, with the aim of incorporating the values of the Barcelona brand into your company.

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