Why Choose The Giant Green Compressors

Compressed air has a wide spread use in the industrial world. Almost all the industries these days, have to use the compressed pressurized air in the manufacturing or packing of their products. Advancements are being made every day and new technology is introduced into the industrial world on a daily basis, most of which use compressed air, and this is why, the compressed air machine manufacturers are so important.

Sullair air compressors and machinery:
The most significant name when dealing with compressed air, is of Sullair. They have been working in the compressed air business for a really long time now and they know compressed air better than anyone else in the market. They develop machines and apparatus that is reliable and efficient and provide with quality compressed air.

Woven with the latest technology and dedication:
The machinery is manufactured under high supervision. New advancements are made and introduced every day, which makes Sullair one of the leading brands in the field of compressed air. They have wide spread business running from UK, to US, China and now India. Seems like the whole world is using Sullair for its compressed air machinery.

Ace group and Sullair:
Ace group has been doing business with compressed air, refrigeration, cooling systems etc. they are using and distributing Sullair air compressor machines. This Sullair dealer has been long enough in the market to be trusted and relied on. Almost the entire UK is supplied Sullair compressed air machinery and setup, by the Ace Group.

The best name in air compressors:
Sullair is a reliable brand when it comes to air compressor machinery manufactures. They are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring high level quality. They keep upgrading their machineries and work on their technologies to ensure that their manufacturing has all the best features involved.

Ace group works with Sullair because we believe in Sullair. This sullair dealer offers the green giant air compressor machinery to the majority of the Food and beverage industries. Because Sullair makes sure that all of the compressors are made with special love and care. They put full attention to each and every piece they make, this is why all of the compressors are believed to be revolving around longevity and durability. The machineries work efficiently because they have been made with full devotion, while taking all of the new technologies into consideration.

Rotary Screw technology:
Speaking of technology, Sullair was the first air compressor machinery manufacturer to have used the rotary screw technologies’ in their machinery. The Ace Group delivers the what it believes to be the best, and Sullair has definitely reached to that point after the ISO 9001 certification and the rotary screw technology.

Dealing with alternate parts:
Ace group delivers the spare parts of the Air compressor machinery. Being the biggest supplier of the best air compressor machinery, it is only best suited, that this Sullair dealer, also deals with providing spare parts for air compressor machines all across UK. We have a huge stock, to ensure we deal all of our customers efficiently and quickly so nobody will have to wait for the spare part deliveries.

This sullair dealer deals in genuine alternate parts for the air compressor machinery. Ensuring quick delivery and rapid dealing, the Ace Group’s taking this business to a whole new level. Creating new paths of productivity and success for both the customers as well as the company.

We supply the alternate spare parts for all of the models of the compressors. Whatever you got, we have a spare for you. So, don’t be upset if your air compressor is out of running. Just call the Ace Group and one of our studious dealers will work out what’s the best option for you. Quick delivery and easy payment option is what makes our spare parts department the best in its work.

Maintenance programs:
One of the most distinguishing features, that makes this Sullair dealer the best option to work with, is that along with the spare parts, the Ace group also offer maintenance programs for its customers. Many of the Sullair air compressor users have bespoken maintenance contracts with the engineers at Ace group. This ensures that their precious machineries are being taken care of by the staff and engineers who have experience with the Sullair equipment. It is always better to handle your air compressor to a professional maintenance engineer rather than a street workshop, who will have no idea what he’s dealing with. The Sullair Green giant demands special attention and care, and we at Ace group, are here to provide you that.

Make the best choice – Choose Sullair:
Sullair offers you the complete range of solutions for your air compressor machine needs. Now, the Oil Free Compressors are introducing, who do not use any kind of oil, even for lubrication. These compressors work entirely on the rotary screws. It not only saves fuel consumption but also ensure extended service life though years. They have the multi stage oil free compressors that can reach pressures of over 250 psig and output volume of over 2000 cubic feet. These compressors work with lower speeds and balanced bearing loads which ensure longevity and durability, and the cooler operating temperatures also reduce the wear and tear of the equipment.

Ace group – a name of trust:
So, you see, this Sullair dealer, the Ace group, has always been in the front line for delivering Sullair giant green machines across the entire UK. It is a name of trusted and reliable company when it comes to dealing with compressed air machinery and manufacturers. At your service, since a very long time now, and planning to keep serving you in the years to come.

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