Question You Need to Ask When Choosing a Drug Rehab Centers

Tons of people check into drug rehab centers every year, and while it proves effective for many majority ends up in the rehabs again because they relapse after going home.

So if you are someone who is looking for rehab then you should put your money, time and effort where you can get real results.

And you can only make the choice when you know what to look for. Here are some of the questions that will help you find the best rehabs.

What Outcome Are You Expecting From This Drug Rehab Centers?

All rehabs work differently. All are keen on gaining results and success, but success is measured differently in each program.

While some measure success in term of how the person was able to abstain from the abuse when they went back home and others calculate in terms of person attending the meetings and taking the prescribed medications even after they have left. There are also rehabs that consider the completion of a program success where some think of it as whether the person was able to get employed and gain morality.

These are some of the ways that there are. You can discuss within your family as to which of these options is according to your idea of success. And ask the rehabs as to how they measure the success and what their success rate is.

Whether The Programs Are Short-termed or Long-termed?

Drug addiction is a very tricky and complex phenomenon. And one can’t just get over it.

Usually programs are about a month, it depends how deep the person in need is into the substance. Most of the people relapse because a month is just not long enough to become sober for a long time.

So that can be a deciding factor depending on the condition of the addiction of the person.

What is the End Goal?

Now this can also get a little complicated. You have to see how the drug rehab centers are working on the addiction.

Some of the rehabs trade one of the most harmful substances like heroin or cocaine with something that causes less damage like methadone or Suboxone. The end goal here is not to get the person stably sober but to reduce the harm that is being caused by the addiction.

While this may reduce the damage, this is just exchanging one addiction for another. Therefore this can also be another factor for deciding which rehab you want to opt for.

If you end goal is just to get the person off of the substance that causes damage, this might be the program for you. But if your end goal is absolute sobriety then you might want to look elsewhere.

Do They Have A Way to Handle the Cravings?

It is the severe cravings that actually lead the person into the web of addiction. So when a person is recovering, the urges are still there and are in fact much more stringer than they initially were.

Some of the drug rehab centers don’t exactly have a direct way that they can reduce or counter the cravings. So they prescribe medication and hold meetings and counselling sessions that keeps the person from falling off of the wagon.

Then there are some rehabs that have some sort of nutritional value or detox methods incorporated in the programs that help the person think lucidly and become stably sober.

If the rehabs don’t have a methods for dealing with it, these craving may become so strong that the person may relapse and all the effort will be for nothing.

Is There a Nutritional Component Included in the Program?

When a person has been abusing substance, they tend to have a very bad health condition. Addictions like alcoholism cause anemia, malnutrition or other sorts of brain diseases.

That is why it is very important that the program includes a nutritional factor to help the person not just cope with the recovery but also to repair the damage that has been done.

Without it the person may experience loss of appetite, depression, insomnia, low energy, irritation, etc. that can present hurdles in the recovery. And it ultimately leads to medications like anti-depressants.

Does The Program Teach the Person How to Cope With Sober Life?

Rehab is a very controlled environment, making it easy for a person to step away from the substance. But that is not how life works.

Regardless of how confident the person feels when they check out of the rehab they have problem transitioning to the real world. Any problems like a job loss or a divorce may cause a major setback and push them back to their addiction.

In such a situation, they should know how to cope with it. And this should be taught at the rehab during the program. When a person is done with the rehab they should be able to gracefully handle grief or loss without going back to the drugs.

There are certain patterns that an addict creates when they tempt to escape the problems through drug abuse, a program should be competent enough to help them break through those patterns and learn how to face the problems without getting dragged down.

Does the Rehab Expect Any Relapse After the Program?

Now there are two kinds of beliefs in this regard.

Some of the rehabs believe that there is nothing wrong with relapses. They are a part of recovery and a person eventually learns how to deal with it.

Others are the ones that believe that sobriety is possible after the completion of one program without any kind of relapse. These kind of rehabs have long-term programs and teach the people how to deal and developing a mechanism to handle problems and stress.

This can be one of the major factors in deciding the drug rehab centers you want to opt for. You can ask the rehab about it directly and see whether their explanation convinces and satisfies you.

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