Examples of top rated hypoallergenic dog foods

There are people who have dogs, but they are not well aware that dogs also suffer allergy and mostly it is a food allergies. The best solution is to visit the vet and to let him do some tests to determine which type of food that the dog get allergy from. Elimination diet has to be done but the veterinarian will try other things to know the type of the food that the dog suffers allergy to.

It is not recommended to guess the type of the food that the dog can be allergic to since there are high chances that a dog may not be suffering food allergy but something more dangerous. Since there is no simple test which will show you at once, the type of the food allergy that your dog suffers from, then it is up to you to work for sometime in order to learn about it.

If your dog suffers proven food allergy, then it is time to buy from recently rated the best dog food for allergies or hypoallergenic dog food. The food is found in three options, there are veterinary or prescription diet, novel ingredients and limited ingredients.

Food with limited ingredients can help since most of ingredients are limited and it is easy to eliminate what the dog is allergic to. Novel ingredients foods are the food that contain the ingredients that you may never tried before. This may include ostrich and kangaroo meat. Since the dog may not have tried such type of food before, it is possible that it will not suffer allergy because of it. Hypoallergenic ingredients are the foods that have to be prescribed by the veterinarian. The problem of this kind of food is that they are too expensive.

The following are some of the recently rated the best dog food for allergies.

­ Wellness Simple Natural Dog Food is a limited ingredient dog food and it is found in different options like lamb, duck and turkey. The food contains safe ingredients which are completely healthy and the dog can tolerate them easily. However, you have to double check with your dog to be sure of this.

Holistic select Natural Dry Dog Food is one of the best products if you want to find hypoallergenic food for your dog. The reviews of the dog owners who used their foods are always positive. The company has already made the name and many dog owners had switched and they have started to use it. The company has spent enough time in doing the research of their products before developing it. Besides the normal food, the brand also adds digestive enzymes, natural fibers, probiotics and prebiotic in their brand.

Avoderm Natural Chicken Meal with Brown rice Formula is a great food if you have a dog that suffers allergy and it offers the optimum nutrition to the pet. The product is both balanced and healthy and this is what every dog will be looking for. The food does not have any artificial flavors, wheat and corn.

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