It's Like Falling in Love Again

This is Jeffrey Zeldman's 2001 book "Taking Your Talent to the Web" reimagined as a modern web reading experience.

Two years before Jeffrey changed the web world with "Designing with Web Standards", he wrote the book you're about to read. It's a guide for print designers transitioning their talents to the web. He even wrote an entire curriculum around these methods. It should have been a smash.

The problem was this book became a victim of the first dot-com crash. Sure, plenty of us read it and greatly enjoyed it. But in the struggle to keep our own careers afloat amidst the chaos, many drifted away from this tome, especially when his second book was published.

In 2007, I had the pleasure of attending An Event Apart in Boston and sitting next to Jeffrey. It was my first time meeting him. I still have the notebook where I wrote, "Holy shit, I'm sitting next to Jeffrey Zeldman!" I told him how much he, his work, and his book meant to me. He was very polite as I suggested if there was ever a way to bring the book back to life, I'd love to help.

Later, I convinced him to revive the book and give away the contents as a free eBook. Once he did, I suggested taking things a step further. We giggled like school girls at the thought of publishing an old-school web book supported by a modern code base.

Now this wonderful book lives again. Sure, some contents may have settled in shipment, but take a peek under the hood. View the source code and you'll find the latest and greatest accessible reading experience using HTML5, CSS3, great looking fonts, and so much more.

So start reading, learning, and enjoying. Though it is out of print, you can still buy the book too. The point is to get this great info back out there, in front of designers' eyes. In front of your eyes.

Here's hoping you fall in love just like I did.

Dale Cruse